Country Roads
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Don Ferrarese Backyard BBQ Cookoff Fundraiser 
100% of all proceeds go to fund the Veterans Holiday Tribute 
Christmas Party
Education aims to decrease the academic gap among foster children and to improve academic performance and advancement from one grade to the next. Positive effects from improved academic performance include enhanced self-esteem, increased motivation, participation in extra-curricular activities, and decreased behavioral issues commonly associated with foster children. The long-term positive effects from these goals include an increase in high school graduation rates, matriculation into college or vocational programs, gainful employment, and self-sufficiency.
With our partner H.A.L.O we Blessed over 60  Foster kids for Christmas.   Movie then a Nice lunch  
  1. WEDNESDAY: MAY 1ST 2019
    ABC 123 CF Make-Up Makeovers
    Make overs for a Young ladies Group home
  2. SATURDAY: JULY 20th 2019
    Country Roads Youth Benefit Dinner
    Inaugural Benefit Dinner serving the Youth of Our High Desert.
  3. Pending
    Event is pending
    Please check back with us
  4. FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
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    Learn how to submit a flawless scholarship application and attend the scholarship workshop!