About ABC 123 Charitable Foundation

​​ABC 123 Charitable Foundation is a California based non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, teens and youth. Together with its social media partners and sponsors, the organization focuses on raising awareness about the struggles and misconceptions surrounding kids and teens in foster care and in crisis situation, while assisting families through our partnerships.
Meet The Team
  1. President
    Dorothy Lett
  2. Avisory/ Board Member
    Avisory/ Board Member
    Billy MacMahon (Mack)
  3. V/P Of Communication
    V/P Of Communication
    Dr. Sara Griffin
  4. Board Member
    Board Member
    Dr. Breada Leach
  5. Secretary
    Evelyn Herrera
  6. Board Member
    Board Member
    Clint Alford
  7. Board Member
    Board Member
    Oscar Garcia
  8. Advisory/Board..
    Dr. Tiffanay Tapp

Dr. Breada Leach is a California native from San Diego, CA.  Dr. Leach is the president of ABC 123 Christian Academy ,where She has served since 1997; expanding the company’s vision and locations across southern California. Dr. Leach is a well-established inspirational speaker, educator, and philanthropist. She currently serves on the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as President/ Chairman and as Chairman of the Hesperia  Ambassador. Dr Leach also is Vice Chair for Hesperia 2034 Education Committee. she is a Rotarian and serves as Vice President of vocational services and is a  active board member for Community Health Action Network(CHAN) in Victorville, CA. and has accepted the invitation as a board member for Today’s Women Foundation in 2017 where she continues to support the vision.

Dr. Leach is one of the featured writers in the ZOE Life Publications Devotional for 2014 and 2015 and author of her 2016 devotional entitled, Thoughts of The Day Inspired By God. Her prayer is for each reader to gain something positive for their lives and to develop a closer relationship with God as they pursue their life’s purpose. Dr. Leach has the heart and mind to see others succeed and has been devoted to the surrounding communities in the High Desert.

Dr. Leach is a well-respected businesswoman and mentor for many. She has a proven track record of counseling business owners in pursuit of their visions and goals. She is a mentor for the President/CEO of TREVCO Creation’s, helping to develop and implement business strategies to expand the company’s vision. Dr. Leach was successful throughout the negotiation process, establishing a long-term relationship between Trevco and China, for the disbursement of manufacturing their products from 2013 to 2020. She also worked closely with Dreammation EFX as a key speaker, with the City Hall in New Orleans, the Office of Recovery and Development Administrations as well as the Industrial Development Board. Dr. Leach assisted in collecting information that helped obtain preliminary approval for up to $52 million in Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds. This gave the company a major boost, as the goal was to create 10,000 jobs in New Orleans and a total of 25,000 jobs across America. She played a major part of helping to fulfill the dreams of a city nearly lost to a terrifying hurricane.

As a humanitarian, she believes in spending her time wisely by taking a vested interest in others dreams. she believes in tithing to the local churches and giving back to the community by advocating for families and their children through ABC123 Christian Academy. With a strong belief in spending quality time with family and friends she is cognizance that the key to her success means keeping God first place.